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The Asheville Marathon and Half has become a race where runners from across our beautiful country travel in early spring to run 26.2, 13.1 or 39.3 miles all on the Biltmore Estate property. Thanks to everyone in 2019 for sharing their love of the Asheville Marathon and Half at Biltmore Estate, we achieved having all fifty states represented at our races!

Now in the 8th year, our 2020 Asheville Marathon and Half is ready for runners from all 50 states again! Help us reach our goal by getting friends and family from every state to register and experience the one-of-a-kind Asheville Marathon and Half!

The first participant to register from a state that currently has zero participants will be reimbursed for their entry fee! You read that right, a FREE entry for being the first to register from your state! Offer valid TBD.

We will provide a list of states to fill soon!


If you see a state that is BLANK, there are 0 runners registered for that state. Let’s make this a country-wide race in 2020!