Here are some common questions about the races.

General Info

Why is the Asheville Marathon called a boutique style marathon?

While the course runs by what was once the largest private home in the US, this is truly a grass roots event allowing runners to view life at a slower pace. The farms, the woods, the vineyards, the dirt roads, the open spaces and lack of noisy spectators allow athletes to run for the enjoyment. So many marathons are turning into circuses with glitz and noise, this one doesn’t need gimmicks.

We also limit the number of participants, so that every participant can have a special, awe-inspiring running experience. By keeping our field size small, runners are able to soak in the scenery and have plenty of room to run. In addition, they have the ability to run at their pace without being pushed or pulled around with the masses, that you tend to find in other large marathon and half marathon events.

Can I walk the Asheville Marathon?

Participants are not allowed to solely walk the Asheville Marathon and Half Marathon. This is a timed event and runners must adhere to the time limits. If you plan on only walking the event, you will not make the time limits and you will be disqualified. We appreciate your cooperation.

Does the event offer a half marathon option?

YES! This exclusive boutique event has a half marathon on Saturday and one on Sunday. Limited entries of participants, but now you can choose to run the marathon or a half. 

Are relay teams allowed to participate in the Asheville Marathon or Half?

No. We do not offer a relay division. Each participant must individually complete the full 26.2 or 13.1 mile distance.

What is included in my entry fee?
  • Entry in to either the half or marathon. 
  • An unforgettable, unique ’boutique-style’ race experience from start to finish
  • Estate ticket to the Biltmore Estate grounds on race day. ($55 value) 
  • Free Shuttle Ticket on race day (to and from race) ($20 value)
  • USATF Certified Boston Qualifier Course
  • Professionally Chip Timed Race
  • Live Results
  • A one-of-a-kind, Commemorative 10th Year Anniversary Finisher Medal
  • Brooks Dri-Fit Race Shirt
  • Delicious Post Race Food 
  • A Free Beer to enjoy after those miles!
  • Entry to Pre Race Expo 
  • Exclusive Asheville Marathon & Half Buff
  • A goody bag loaded full of goodies

Also, there is water at every Water Station on course, gels and electrolyte drinks are at Water Stations #2-#9 and refreshments at the finish line.

This is my first running event or I’m looking for a PR/time-goal. Can you direct me to a training program?

Fleet Feet Asheville will be leading a training program! Check out more info on the ‘TRAINING’ tab on the website. 

If I am signed to run the marathon and cannot complete the race do I still get a finisher award?

No. If you running the half or marathon and have to drop out you will not be eligible to receive a finisher award. Should you need to drop out, we will have a sag vehicle that will be following the last runner on the course and will pick up runners along the way who are unable to complete the event.

I am traveling from another town. Can you direct me to your Race Headquarters Hotel and other hotels in close proximity to the start/finish line area?

Our race headquarters hotel is the DoubleTree Hotel and is approximately .3 miles from the entrance to the Biltmore Estate. For the DoubleTree Hotel contact information and a list of other recommended nearby hotels including estate hotels next to the start/finish line, please visit our Hotel page on our website.

How do you time the events?

We use MyLaps Timing system. There will be a timing chip on the back of your race bib and their will be timing mats placed along the course and at the finish line. 

Is there a wheelchair and/or handcrank division in the race?

No, due to the off-road nature of many miles of this event, there is a not a wheelchair division.

Do I have to ride the Shuttle onto the Estate? Can I drive?

No, you are not required to ride the race shuttles onto the Biltmore Estate. You can certainly drive your own vehicle onto the estate. We recommend riding the shuttles to allow you to have a relaxing race morning without worrying about parking or driving. 

I have a friend who would like to volunteer, can they help?

YES! We always need an extra set of hands! Visit our VOLUNTEER page on the website. 

Is the Asheville Marathon a Boston Marathon qualifier?

Yes! The Asheville Marathon is a certified race course and Boston Qualifying event! 

Refunds &

I am injured and/or cannot run the event (family commitment, work obligation, etc). Can I get a refund?

Refunds are not allowed for any event. 

How do I cancel my registration?

If you are no longer able to participate in the event and would like to cancel your registration please email support@idaph.net

Can I defer my entry to the following year?

The Asheville Marathon & Half does not offer deferrals.


Can’t I just “give” my entry to my friend if I cannot run?

No. Due to USATF rules and regulations, each participant must register themselves and sign their own waiver. Any walker or runner who is found participating with another participant’s bib number will be disqualified immediately, removed from the course and reported to USATF officials. 


What is the temperature usually like on race day in Asheville?

Our inaugural event happened to be on the coldest day on record in Asheville in 2013, however, since then our 2015 race day was mild and in the 60s, 2016 was perfect running conditions in the 50s, in 2017 conditions were mild and 2018 we had one day with snow during the race, but our runners said it was like running through a beautiful snow globe! Be prepared for any and all types of weather conditions and any course changes that may happen due to any unexpected weather related occurrences.

Please note we will do everything in our power to hold this event for you, we are runners ourselves and know how hard you have trained for these bucket list races. We do not take cancelling events lightly and have no intentions of doing this unless your safety, the volunteer and race official safety is compromised. In the event of a cancellation due to a weather disaster, a pandemic with government restrictions or an Act of God,  there are no refunds or deferrals.

Registration fees are not refundable in the event of cancellation due to “Acts of God.”

What if it snows on race day?

If there is a blizzard and/or hazardous weather conditions, as with any other marathon or sporting event, the race may be cancelled. The latest the race can be delayed is 8am due daily operations and guest flow traffic at Biltmore Estate. We will make every attempt possible to have this event on race day. If the conditions are life threatening or dangerous and we cancel the event and it will not be re-scheduled and entries are non-refundable.

Race Safety &

Can I wear headphones on the course?

Yes! BUT PLEASE pay attention while you are running and in congested areas of where you are on the race course. On Sunday the half marathon and marathon split at the bridge. There is also an out-back turnaround area on the half and the full marathon that you will want to pay attention to volunteers and race signage!

Are strollers or baby joggers allowed on the course?

NO. Strollers and baby joggers are prohibited.

Are dogs allowed at the event?

Dogs are not allowed in the race or on the course. They are allowed to attend with a spectator but they must be leashed at all times and are not permitted in any buildings or restrooms (unless they are a service dog).

What if I have to drop out of the race?

For the safety of our runners and to enhance the experience for our athletes, there will be very minimal vehicular traffic on the event courses during the race. We will have a sag vehicle that will be following the last runner on the course and will pick up runners along the way who are unable to complete the event. Please keep in mind that runners will be required to stay in the sag wagon until they can safely move along the course to take you back to the start/finish line, this may take some time.

If a runner would like to walk back to the start/finish area anytime during the race, the suggested drop out point that is most accessible to this area is the bridge.

What if I lose my bib? Can I still race?

Anyone on the race course without a bib, will be immediately pulled from the course and will get on the sag shuttle. We will have several bib checkpoints throughout the race so please have your bib VISIBLE on the front of you throughout the duration of the event. If your bib is hidden under clothing you will be asked throughout the race by race officials to show your bib.

If you do not have a bib on the race course, you will be stopped and then will need to board the sag shuttle. The sag shuttle will take runners back to the race hub area as quickly as possible but will be maneuvering the course slowly to not compromise the experience for the runners on the courses. Runners will not be allowed to cross the finish line without a bib and are not eligible to receive finisher awards or gifts.  

Is the 3 1/2 hr Half Marathon and 6 1/2 hr Marathon time limit strictly enforced?

Yes.. Any runner not able to make it to the following checkpoints will be required to board the SAG shuttle van, which will follow the last runner for the entire race, and your race bib will be marked. Those on the shuttle will be required to remain onboard until the shuttle can safely return to the finish line without compromising the runners experience on the courses. Runners will not be allowed to receive post race finishing awards or prizes if you are picked up in the sag vehicle, however, you may enjoy the post race party and food at the finish area.

MARATHON CHECKPOINTS (race begins at 7:30 am): 

  • 8:45am checkpoint  — Admissions Gate (approximately Mile 3)
  • Checkpoint: Biltmore House at mile 6 –  9am (1 1/2 hrs from race start)
  • Checkpoint: Beat the Bridge at mile 10 (East to Westside) –  10am (2 1/2 hrs from race start)
  • Checkpoint: Beat the Bridge at mile 17 (West back to Eastside) –  11:45am (4 hrs 15 min from race start)
  • Complete the race in 6 1/2 hrs (from race start) When you register for the marathon, you will confirm that you understand the course time limit is 6.5 hrs.


HALF MARATHON CHECKPOINTS (race begins at 7:30 am):

  • Half Marathon Participants must be at Checkpoint at Biltmore House located at mile 6 by 9:00 a.m.  The Half Marathon begins at 7:30 a.m, so you need to be at this 1st checkpoint by 9:00 a.m.
  • Half Marathon Participants must be at Checkpoint at Bearpin at 7.5 miles by 9:30 a.m.
  • Half Marathon Participants must be at Checkpoint at the Bridge located at mile 10 by 10:10 a.m.
  • There is 3.5 hr. time limit on the course. When you register, you confirm that you understand the time limit is 3.5 hrs.
What if I get an injury on the course?

We will have medical staff on bicycles, course monitors and volunteers watching and assisting injured runners. In addition, we have 2 medical triage tents on the course to treat minor injuries, they can be found on our race map. If you are unable to continue the race because of a minor injury, you will board the sag vehicle (when it gets to you) and return to the finish area. If your injury is substantial and requires immediate medical care you will be transported to the medical tent at the finish line or to the emergency room by ambulance.

How many water stations are there on the course? What type of energy drink and gel are available?

Visit our Water Station page for information on locations and what each station offers. 

Is there a clothing drop location on the course?

We have designated ‘Clothing Drops’ at each of our water stations. These boxes will be brought to the ‘Lost and Found’ Tent in the Vendor Area at the CONCLUSION OF EACH RACE. If you do not pick up your discarded clothing by Sunday at 3pm at the Lost and Found tent, we will donate them to the Western Carolina Rescue Ministries on Sunday evening. We cannot guarantee that any items discarded along the race course will be returned. We are not responsible for any items you discard during the event. We cannot locate items for you. If you want your item after the race we highly suggest that you keep it with you throughout the duration of the event.

How long will it take for me to get to the start line from the entrance of the Biltmore Estate?

Transportation is required on the estate since driving distances are significant.

This year we have added an additional shuttle option for all of our participants in the marathon. If you are a local runner, from out of town staying with friends or staying at one of our race hotels, we encourage you to take the shuttle to get onto the estate in the morning.

We encourage runners staying at our race headquarters hotel and partner hotels to use the shuttles provided by the hotel to and from the race. (Please see ‘Hotels’  page for more details).  If you are staying at one of the properties on the Biltmore Estate, you can walk to the start/finish line from the hotels. 

If you plan to drive your car onto the estate – we encourage runners to come very EARLY (front gates will open at 5am) and to PLAN TO BE ON THE GROUNDS, NO LATER THAN 6 a.m. Race starts ON TIME at 7:30 am! Expect congested roadways entering the estate on race morning. (There is only one way in for car traffic!) Allow a minimum of 15 minutes transit time from each location; on race day, add 30-45 minutes to driving times. See the Biltmore Estate website for more information. Travel distances on Biltmore Estate include:

  • 3 miles from Group Sales office to Biltmore House
  • 2.5 miles from Group Sales office to Inn on Biltmore Estate
  • 5 miles from Biltmore House and Gardens to the Winery
  • 3 miles from Biltmore House to Deerpark Restaurant
  • 2 miles from the Winery to Deerpark Restaurant
Will there be beer or wine at the post-race Marathon & Half parties?

Yes. Oskar Blues will serve beer to participants after the event in the race hub. There is a suggested donation of $4 per beer. All beer donations will be contributed to our race charities. The Winery at Biltmore Estate will open its doors at 10am on Saturday.

According to NC Liquor laws, alcohol may not be purchased or served on Sunday until after 10:00am. Oskar Blues will serve post-race beer at the post race party following the marathon and half marathon and the Winery at Biltmore Estate is open from noon-6:00 pm for free wine tasting.

Check back soon for more details on the Post-Race Parties for both days!

Can I Carpool or take a Shuttle?

YES! We encourage runners and spectators alike to use our available shuttles for a more stress free Asheville Marathon & Half experience and to keep the roads from being congested. Shuttles will drop you off at and pick you up from the start/finish line area in Antler Hill Village on the Biltmore Estate. Information about using shuttles is available on our Directions & Transportation page.

Will runners have a bag drop-off area at the start/finish area?

Yes, runners will receive a Fleet Feet ‘Finisher’ bag at the Race Expo. Runners MUST use the Fleet Feet finisher bags provided to have their bag included in our Finisher Bag tent that is next to the finish line and food tent beside Antler Hill Village. Runners will write their bib number and name on the bag and then will drop it off at the finish area prior to the race at the ‘Finisher Bag Tent”. This is a nice perk we are glad to offer runners so that runners can have a change of clothes, warmer attire, their phones and money to purchase race merchandise and additional food items at the post race party area. The finisher bags are not dropped along the race course they stay at the finish area. This is especially  handy for runners that have used the shuttle service to come into the race. 

We don’t have a bag drop location on the course throughout the race for runners. The finisher bag was implemented especially for our runners that were taking the shuttle in on race day so that they have a place to store their belongings. It is not required that you use the finisher bag services. 


Where can I find race photos?

Bren Photography is our official race photographer for the Asheville Marathon & Half at Biltmore Estate. You may view and purchase your race photos on their website, Bren Photography after the race. Typically it takes 48-72 hours after race weekend for the photos to be available to view and purchase. If you enjoy your race photo, we would highly encourage you to purchase these photos from this small, local photography business. They will spend their entire weekend with us making sure they capture your special moments. Please do not ‘swipe’ and ‘repost’ watermarked photos, this is considered stealing. This photography company is only receiving funds for the sale of the race photos online, so please show they your gratitude for being out there all weekend for you and support small business!

If I can’t make it to the half marathon or full marathon awards ceremony, can I get my award shipped to me?

If you can’t make it to half marathon or marathon awards ceremony your hand-crafted glass award can mailed to you in a fragile/handle with care box for $20. You will need to contact support@idaph.net to make arrangements.


Why is their a spectator fee? Where can we purchase? What can my family do while waiting for me to finish?

There is an entrance fee for spectators to get on to Biltmore Estate property, which is privately owned and not open to the general public. Spectator tickets can be purchased at the Race Expo and at the Group Sales office (first building on your left when entering Biltmore) on race day starting at 6am.

There will be live music, food, drinks, cheering and more! Spectator viewing is limited during the event to the Start/Finish at Antler Hill Village, which is full of shops, and the Farm Trail area (no cars allowed on the course during the event). Spectators will get to see our race mascot at the bridge that connects the east and west sides of the estate. 

Family and friends are invited to volunteer at the event to see your family member up-close and personal during the event! To learn more visit our Volunteer Info page.

Do Biltmore Passholders have to buy a spectator ticket?

As long as passholders come in during normal business hours they are not required to have a spectator ticket. If they come in before normal business hours then they would have to purchase a spectator ticket because it is considered a ‘special event’ at Biltmore. Regular business hours on race day begin at 9:00 am.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us at support@idaph.net