Bridge Troll Long ago, in the age of trolls,
the poor troll legacy by Thor was foretold.
To live under bridges, among rocks they were banished,
to scare away travelers, poor and famished.
As there’s no debating with the god of lightning,
they went out into the land of Vikings.
Under the bridges, dark and wet,
they frightened every weary traveler they met.
In this manner, the trolls became hated,
Oh, Thor, how cruelly they were fated!
But now a troll’s hope may be restored,
By iDaph Events in the land of Biltmore.
Upon a bridge, they ask one still stand:
but this time, instead, to extend a friendly hand.
To serve as a mascot to the marathon there,
iDaph seeks a troll, warm and fair.
A troll who will give encouraging praise,
to struggling competitors in a grueling race.
So if you’re a troll, with a March day to spare,
please contact us, and our plans we will share.
If you are chosen, to complete this task,
you’ll be loved by all racers: from first to last.
So if you’re a troll, and one with a good heart,
shoot us an e-mail, for a shot at the part!

By playing a good part, you can further contribute to the lore and mystique that is already sure to dominate the fabled Hunter Subaru -Asheville Marathon upon its enchanted Biltmore venue.

This has been your troll call. If you think you or a loved one has what it takes to take conTROLL of the job on race day, contact for more info.