Fingo Adventures

Fingo Adventures proudly supports the epic Asheville Marathon on Biltmore Estate

Fingo Adventures co-founders (and siblings) Robin Oswald and Brian Turner are avid fans of the outdoors, but love to run.  Robin is a roadie and has completed 5 marathons and innumerable other races, whereas Brian prefers trails and while he only has one marathon under his belt (so far) he dreams of longer distances.  As life long Ashevillians it is only natural that they would support Asheville’s first official marathon, and as the founders of Fingo Adventures they support almost anything that will get people outside exploring and having an adventure!

What is Fingo Adventures?
Fingo Adventures combines a tour-like iPhone app framework with game-style rewards, social media integration and a user photo gallery to create a wholly new and unique experience for visitors to popular travel destinations.  Our mission is to use mobile app technology to promote real-world exploration, to get people outside experiencing and learning about their world using technology as a means to adventure, not as the adventure itself.  Fingo’s first adventure launched in Asheville in 2011 focusing on the urban trail and public art locations.  Currently there are 3 New York City area adventures being developed: Green-Wood Cemetery, The High Line, and Forgotten NY’s History Adventure.  We also have other Adventures in the works for a couple of top secret locations in the southeast, including an additional adventure in the Asheville area.

Tours are for tourists, Fingo is for Adventurers.