There is nothing average about our group of ambassadors for the Asheville Marathon and Half. Each of these people works hard to promote the marathon and half at the Biltmore Estate whether in person, at a race expo or via social media. You can read about each individual ambassador HERE. Below is an overview of what “average” looks like for these fantastic folks.

Crystal Shirk         AMA-HFoust  AMA_ALazo    AMA-LSloan

While most of our Asheville Marathon and Half ambassadors don’t keep track of exactly how many races he or she has run previously, some can remember every one. Some have been running since high school. Others have started hitting the road more recently. Many have run over 100 races in their life times. The highest number of races run by an ambassador goes to Tom Mangan who has run over 200 races since May of 2011. 


By far the prefered distance is the half marathon but many of our ambassadors have run many fulls and at least a couple have run ultra distances.


On average, our ambassadors for the Asheville Marathon and Half run approximately 25 miles per week. Many run significantly more with at least one ambassador running 60 miles a week. There is also one ambassador that runs about five miles a week but does a lot of strength training and other fitness activities to get ready for the big day. 


While not all ambassadors travel great distances to run races, many do or have in the past. The average distance traveled for a race is 1849 miles. One ambassador has even run a race in China! The distance most often traveled is somewhere in the 650-750 mile range.


Of this year’s group of ambassadors, five have never been an ambassador for a race before. Many, though, have been ambassadors for other races or for the Asheville Marathon and Half previously. Several are brand ambassadors for products that runners like using such as Nuun and Pearl Izumi . We are so thankful for every one of our ambassadors for the 2017 season!




How do you fit in with the “average” ambassador?