AM_CSS (69)Like sprockets on a cog, runners will travel round and round at dizzying paces as they make their rounds upon the grounds of this enchanted estate. Participants will take in all manner of breathtaking sights and sounds as they complete a foot tour of the estate and its proximity.

Beginning at Antler Hill Village and its many shops and attractions, the paved east side will waft exquisite aromas from the kitchens of Deerpark Restaurant into the nostrils of competitors: surely a breath of fresh air to lungs that will no doubt be burning in the miles to come. Next, the course will lead to the site of the world-renowned Biltmore House itself,  close enough to reach out and touch the double doors to the main entrance to the House. Immediately thereafter, the journey will proceed into the Walled Garden. As the House’s splendid architecture gives way to horticultural marvels, the meandering route winds along the Azalea Garden and lagoon. ash+marathon-7666-2395859090-O

With the broad-shouldered French Broad coursing within its nearby banks, there will occur a transition to dirt carriage roads. From these thoroughfares of years gone past, the race shifts from the east to the west side of the estate via a newly built bridge. With this move, athletes will have entered a new area demanding a change of pace, both figuratively and literally: “The Wild, Wild West” Side of the Biltmore Estate.

AM_CSS (39)Here, new collage of scenery and simultaneously ever-more challenging part of the odyssey now lie in the sights of our competitors. Two gravel/rocky dirt road loops, first an “outer” and then a shorter ‘inner’ loops, will encompass vintage farmhouses, working vineyards, and west quarter vistas of the Biltmore House normally off-limits to the public, affording an incredibly rare mini-exploration amidst this greater trek. With the conclusion approaching, this West-Side story will wrap up as a hard push is made in the grand finale. A return to the east side will be made to finish the marathon, with a few miles of an out and back on the flat dirt and paved road that parallels the French Broad river. A final loop will run past the lagoon and near the equestrian center before returning for the final leg of the event where runners will ultimately respond to the marathon’s beckoning at the Antler Hill Village finish area.


The stage is set, and the actors are daily practicing their parts in preparation for this big event. Do you have what it takes to tackle both parts of the Estate on race day? If so, show us how to be both “A Beast of the East”, and “How the West was won”, and make this early spring regal gala upon Biltmore your crowning achievement!