Gu Energy - Asheville Marathon Race PartnerTo keep a balance in life, it’s important to give it your all in both labor and leisure: work hard and play hard. Whether you view your running as the former or the latter, to go hard and perform, you have to fuel your body right. As much as an effort as you may make to taper, carb load, and top off those glycogen stores, sometimes it still helps to get a little extra assistance. In this regard, no one can help give you that extra giddy-up on race day quite like the latest addition to our team of sponsors: GU Energy.

GU has jumped in with the Asheville Marathon and will help energize your race experience, as well as fuel it, from start to finish. That means your free choice of gels, chomps, and GU Brew as you run through the largest Backyard of America at Biltmore Estate! With their state-of-the-art research and development facilities, GU has become one of the best at formulating in-race nutritional products to aid in performance. With meticulously calibrated amounts of slow-acting sugars, fast-acting glucose polymers, and caffeine, and guidelines for fuel consumption during exercise, they can give you what you need from the firing of the gun until the reaching of the finish line.

Whether this race is the first step in a journey to Boston glory, or you are simply looking to cross the finish line in one piece with some bragging rights. Competitors of all levels will benefit from the “Power of GU.” We are happy to have them on board as our official ‘energy nutrition’  partner and encourage you to experiment (prior to race day) with some of their wide range of products in hopes of yielding the best of results on race day.  Just as fast cars count on quality fuel, many a fast runner counts on high-octane GU to get their pistons turning!