Anticipating a Marathon PR at Biltmore?


…Run Swell and Ring Our Bell!


PRbellFor all you endurance junkies and mileage addicts feeling a breakthrough coming, boy have we got a fun incentive for ya! For those of you who cross the finish line Sunday, March 16th in Personal Record time, we are affording the opportunity to proclaim your valiant efforts to the world by ringing our Asheville Marathon & Half PR Bell!

For many of you, the only “running bell” you may seem to hear is the alarm clock that gets you out of bed for an early morning session: that is, of course, before a day filled with seeing your kids off to school, delivering memos to your persnickety boss, and cleaning out those leaf-filled gutters. For all your hard work and dedication to running in the midst of a crazy demanding world, we are giving you the chance to make some noise, release your pent up fury, and herald your new-found triumph over the 2014 Biltmore course. You’ve put in the hard work, now come, see, and conquer.

The finish line, an enduring memory, and a whale of a bell ringing beckon. All YOU have to do is MAKE IT HAPPEN and SEIZE THE DAY! In the words of T-Rex, “Bang a Gong, Get It On”!, and let the hills ring with the sounds of your 2014 coming out party.