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Biltmore Estate

The Location

In the Asheville Marathon, held on the grounds at Biltmore Estate, runners will explore 26.2 miles through America’s largest backyard. The Asheville Marathoners will wind through hardwood forests, meadows, gardens, and extraordinary views of the estate. Along the way, runners will pass landmarks including Biltmore House and gardens, America’s largest and most esteemed private residence. The 250-room French Renaissance chateau, perched over 8,000-acres of meticulously-tended gardens, is host to a million visitors a year. To learn more about Biltmore, visit www.biltmore.com or call 877-BILTMORE.

General Info

The marathon is run ENTIRELY on private property on the scenic grounds of the Biltmore Estate. It will cover both the east (paved) and west (dirt roads) sides of the Estate. During the event, vehicular traffic will be very limited and controlled.  The course is USATF certified and is a Boston Qualifying event. Bib chip timing will be used for the event. Pre-race training on location prior to the event is prohibited since the entire course is on the private property of the Biltmore Estate. All participants must be off the course by 2 pm (6 1/2 hr time restriction).

The privilege of running around the estate on race day is exclusive to race day only. There is no pre-event course preview or running allowed due to the private nature of the estate and the off-limit areas that our event covers during the events.

The first seven miles of the course has two tall hills, while the middle section of the course is downhill-to-flat with a mixture of valley and rolling hilly terrain and dirt/gravel/rocky roads and dirt paths. The final miles of the marathon are completely flat with a mixture of dirt/gravel/rocky roads and paved running paths. Approximately 1/3 of the race will be run on paved surfaces and the other 2/3 of the marathon will be on dirt/gravel/rocky roads that have uneven surfaces. Racing flats and five finger shoes are not recommended.


Visit our RACE DAY TIMELINE To see the whole schedule for the Marathon!

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Course Description

Like sprockets on a cog, runners will travel round and round at dizzying paces as they make their rounds upon the grounds of this enchanted estate. Participants will take in all manner of breathtaking sights and sounds as they complete loop after loop of the estate and its proximity. Beginning at Antler Hill Village and its many shops and attractions, the first loop will waft exquisite aromas from the kitchens of Deerpark Restaurant into the nostrils of competitors: surely a breath of fresh air to lungs that will no doubt be burning in the miles to come. Next, the course will lead to the site of the world-renowned Biltmore House itself, almost close enough to reach out and touch the doors to the main entrance.
Immediately thereafter, the journey will proceed into the Walled Garden. As the House’s splendid architecture gives way to horticultural marvels, the meandering route winds along the Azalea Garden and lagoon.

With the broad-shouldered French Broad coursing within its nearby banks, there will occur a transition to dirt carriage roads. From these thoroughfares of years gone past, the race shifts from the east to the west side of the estate via a newly built bridge. With this move, athletes will have entered a new area demanding a change of pace, both figuratively and literally: The “Wild, Wild West” Side of the Biltmore Estate.

Here, new collage of scenery and simultaneously ever-more challenging part of the odyssey now lie in the sights of our competitors. Two tough loops, first an ‘outer’ and then a shorter ‘inner’ loops, will encompass vintage farmhouses, working vineyards, and west quarter vistas of the Biltmore House normally off-limits to the public, affording an incredibly rare mini-exploration amidst this greater trek. With the conclusion approaching, this West-Side story will wrap up as a hard push is made in the grand finale. A return to the east side will be made to finish the marathon, with a few miles of an out and back on the flat dirt road that parallels the French Broad river.

A final loop will run past the lagoon and near the equestrian center before returning for the final leg of the event where runners will ultimately respond to the marathon’s beckoning at the Antler Hill Village finish area.

Depending on the device you are using, the half marathon has approximately 500 feet elevation change and the full marathon has 1,000 feet of elevation change. 

The stage is set, and the actors are daily practicing their parts in preparation for this big event. Do you have what it takes to tackle both parts of the Estate on race day? If so, show us how to be both “A Beast of the East”, and “How the West was won”, and make this early spring regal gala upon Biltmore your crowning achievement!

Water Stations

Our Water Stations also are always a HUGE HIT! They are lively, fun places to refuel. We typically have a variety of electrolyte, drink and food options and choices to support your race experience and personal preference. Some water/aid stations will have Gatorade and/or flat Coke, and many stations will have a selection of fruit and cookies. All stations will have water.

Vote for your favorite non-profit water station after the race. The winning volunteer team will not only get crowned as the Water Station of the Year, but we also give them 500 bucks for their organization! More information about the Water Station Contest on our Volunteer Info page.

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Water Station 1: at Deerpark: Mile 2 – Team Boom | Water Only
Water Station 2: Mile 5 at Parking Lot before Biltmore House: Junior League of Asheville | CLIF Gels, GATORADE electrolyte drink
Water Station 3: Bearpen: Mile 7 1/2 & 23 1/2:  Troop 42 Boy Scouts of Black Mountain | GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies
Water Station 4: Lagoon/French Broad River: Mile 9, 22 1/2 & 24 1/2: Crossfit Pisgah | GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies
Water Station 5: Line House Road: Fletcher Academy Run Group: Mile 18 & 20 (marathon), Mile 11 & 12.5 (half marathon) | GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies

Water Station 6: West Side Bridge: Mile 11 (marathon only): American Zinc Products |GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies
Water Station 7: Alta Vista on West SideMile 12 1/2 & 13 1/2 (marathon only): Sky’s the Limit/SUWS of the Carolinas | GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies
Water Station 8: Pine Top on West SideMile 15 1/2 (marathon only): Fleet Feet Asheville | GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies   


Water Station 1: at Deerpark: Mile 2: Team Boom | Water Only

Water Station 2: at Parking Lot before Biltmore House: Mile 5: Orangetheory Asheville  | CLIF Gels, GATORADE electrolyte drink 

Water Station 3: Bearpen at Mile 7 1/2: North Carolina Outward Bound School | GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies 

Water Station 4: Lagoon/French Broad River: Mile 9: YoungLife Asheville | GATORADE electrolyte drink, CLIF Gels, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies

Water Station 5: Line House Road: Mile 11 & 12.5 (half marathon): Consider Haiti | CLIF Gels, GATORADE electrolyte drink, Coke, CLIF Bars, Fruit & Cookies



Your Water Station Organizations

Biltmore Estate

Spectator Tips

Along the French Broad River, near Antler Hill Village, and at the ‘West Side Bridge’ there will be great spots for family and friends to see the runner several different times during the event. This area will be the  designated cheering locations and spectator viewing. For more detailed information, visit our Spectators page.


Although we have professional photographers on the marathon course, runners are encouraged to bring a camera for special photo opportunities. You won’t want to miss the chance to capture this day with your own memorable photographs. See official photos on our Race Photography page.

Biltmore Estate


Asheville Full Marathon Course Map (not to scale)

Asheville Marathon Map - Letter Size

The Asheville Marathon is a certified race course and a Boston Marathon Qualifying event! USATF Sanction #16-13-044 and Certification Code #NC14024DF

Join our volunteer team!

It takes hundreds of volunteers to make the Asheville Marathon & Half run smoothly. Seize the opportunities to volunteer at this event to come and check it out or do a little extra if you are racing this weekend. We take good care of our volunteers with food, drinks, and a comfy volunteer t-shirt.