We now present to you our 2015 Royal Trifecta participants who have completed two of the three races at The Biltmore Estate this year!  On Sunday, September 13, these athletes will complete their third and final challenge, the Asheville Duathlon/10k/Du4Kids/Gravel Grinder 40k or 60k, and claim their victory for an outstanding year!


Want to be a part of the Royal Trifecta for 2016?!?  

Stay tuned for announcements later this year…

(In alphabetical order, Z-A)

Last Name First Name
Yencha Caitlin
Winget Nicole
Wingard Elizabeth
wilson jason
walker mariko
Wait Jackie
valance melissa
Turner David
Trotter Jenny
Treat Hilary
Swofford Deborah
Stone Emily
Stigall Susan
Stepniak Cynthia
solomon raegan
Sobey Kelly
Smith Brittany
Shirk Crystal
Sachs Samantha
Roubal Andrea
Roshay Jacquelyn
Ripmaster Kristen
Pilewski Holly
Pierret Mark
Perry Leanne
Patenotte Dennis
Patenotte Valerie
Noblitt Julie
Mullaney Melissa
Morton Melanie
Meyer Jamie
Meyer Joseph
Metzger Catherine
McDaniel Crystal
McCourt Willie
MacLean Jennifer
Laws Stephanie
LaCapra Judson
Knox Jessica
Klein Elle
Kissel Jeff
kennedy ale
Jordan Karen
Jordan Rick
Jones Bobby
Jones Avery
Johnson Lynn
Hutcheson Jason
Hutcheson Cindy
Huntley Sheila
Humphries Sarah
Householder Chris
Graham Jodi
Goldsmith Ben
Gallaugher Tim
Franks Bernie
Ferguson Victoria
Fandrich Kelsey
Entrekin Cindy
Eldridge Kelly
Edmunds Jeanette
Dreher Kate
Dillon Jean Marie
Devan Rhonda
DeBruhl Teresa
Davis Jim
cuento Brenda
Crippen Roy
Crippen Karen
Cotton Dawn
Coloson Hannah
Colley Rob
Cody Stephanie
Chamberlain Kevin
Castellani Robyn
Castellani Marc
Cassone Michele
Carroll Dennis
Brown Tyler
Brown Dana
Briggs Spryng
Braddock Cathy
Boynton Wayne
Bowling Russell
Black Angela
Berman Amy
Beasley Jameel
Bayse Ashley
Barto Harry
Aubrey Leonard
Armstrong Amanda
Allen Joshua
*if you have completed the 2015 Asheville Marathon or Half and the 2015 Biltmore Kiwanis 15k or 5k, and have registered for the Asheville Duathlon on Sept. 13, please email events@idaph.net to add your name to the 2015 Royal Trifecta participant list!  If you are listed on this list, and do not plan to complete the Asheville Duathlon on Sept. 13, please email events@idaph.net to remove yourself from the participant list.