Attention: We have just received word that the course for the upcoming Hunter Subaru РAsheville Marathon at Biltmore Estate is now certified as a Boston Qualifier!!! We are all revved up and our pistons are a-churning away in preparation for this event. In case you have been putting registration off until this certification went through, with only ~200 spots remaining consider this your green light to head over to imAthlete and register… FAST!

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For competitive marathoners since the start of the 20th Century, running the Boston Marathon has, for many, been the ultimate goal, aspiration, and accomplishment, highlighting their respective running careers and running lifestyles. Laden with memories of past legends from Bill Rodgers and Alberto Salazar, to current stars like Ryan Hall, Dire Tune, and Geoffrey Mutai, it has been running continuously since 1897 and is the oldest annual marathon in the world, coordinated by the prestigious Boston Athletic Association. From wheelchair racers to Masters Division leaders, it brings out the grit and the valor from among the hearts of the best and bravest of us all. By performing well enough at Biltmore come spring, you too may be afforded the chance to join this glorious line.

The Spirit of the Marathon perpetually guards over the course at Boston, and the dreams of those dedicated traversers of its meandering paths. It guides athletes through the toughest of training, through weather, through hills, tempos, long runs, fartleks, and intervals, through mud, ice, heat, and pain. The Spirit forms bitter rivalries, brings couples closer together, and starts new lifelong friendships. It even tugs on your heart strings as you tug on your shoe strings, snugging up the laces for your weekend long run. With this certification, that same Spirit now bestows its blessings upon the grounds of Biltmore Estate.

Dreaming of Beantown? If so, bring YOUR Marathon Spirit to guide you in making dreams a reality come March 3rd at Biltmore.