Synchronicity Wellness Synchronicity Wellness specializes in sports optimization through customized
performance nutrition and fitness programming.

Synchronicity is offering race participants the opportunity to evaluate their
body composition at significantly reduced rates. Synchronicity evaluates body
composition with GE DEXA Prodigy, the gold standard in body composition analysis.

Race participants may purchase a pre and post race scan combo that incudes a
comprehensive analysis with Dr. Stickler for $70 ($125 retail value for scans alone)

Synchronicity Wellness is conveniently located downtown with free parking. Convenient appointments are available beginning Wednesday the 27th of February through Wednesday the 6th of March. Nights and weekend appointments are also available for your convenience. To learn more about the DEXA process visit our booth at the Asheville Marathon Race Expo on Saturday, March 2nd. To find out more information you can also visit Synchronicity’s website or phone 828-279-6750.