Sue Representing in Panama City Beach, FL

Sue Representing in Panama City Beach, FL

We’re so excited to have Sue Caplan with us for the Asheville Marathon & Half in 2015!


In addition to being a great runner and enthusiastic supporter, Sue is a professional photographer and avid music fan! Besides being an Asheville Marathon Ambassador, Sue hosts an active Meetup group, WeBeRunning in Boca Raton, Florida. She runs (forgive the pun) several events each month, so if you’re ever down in Florida, check it out! We’re so happy to have Sue with us as an AMA! If you don’t want to drive down to Florida, you can find her at the Asheville Half this coming year!


Suce Caplan Whisper Walk FL follow me to trainSue Caplan Whisper Walk FLSue Elissa Caplan at Kids run & trail run near Sewalls Point Florida














Tell us About yourself, Sue: “I’m a South Florida Mom, runner, triathlete, foodie and animal lover. I’m extremely consistent and hard working but not so fast!”

What inspires you to run? “In 2010 after leaving a high powered job, my PTA friend and I started a run group in West Boca Raton to keep us motivated. It has really grown in the last 4 years and we try to keep it fun, welcoming beginners to those ultrarunner badass types.”

What are some of your past accomplishments? “I’ve been racing for many years, but most recently tackled the 26.2 and LOVED the distance. In the past 2 years, I’ve done 6 marathons including 3 in 62 days in 2013 and becoming a Marathon Maniac. Currently I’m training for a trail run and Ironman Florida, sprinkling in some 5Ks for cancer causes including Every Boob Counts 5K and Run From the Rays 5K. In 2015 I’m so excited to do the Asheville half marathon and my first 50K.”

Sue Elissa Caplan - Morning run with the awesome tank
What do you do to train for a run? “For training I stick to gels and water. For runs over 8 miles – I fuel with a gel every 40 minutes and wash it down with water and sprinkle in some electrolytes for the heat and humidity in Florida. I take a small pack of starburst or gummy bears for a marathon and open it at mile 20 – it gives me something to look forward to when my legs are tired! I used to always run with music, but now enjoy the quiet time or social aspect of the run.”

What’s your post recovery food? “My post recovery food for long runs is greek yogurt with fresh berries or cut up oranges to bite into on the ride home.”



Photo to the right is Sue on her morning run with the awesome Asheville Marathon Ambassador tank!
Sue says, "Love the flash of color on these Asheville Marathon socks!"

Sue says, “Love the flash of color on these Asheville Marathon socks!”


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