Stephanie sporting her AMA tee proudly!

Stephanie sporting her AMA tee proudly!

Stephanie, a resident of Greenville, SC, is a lifelong swimmer and athlete, having run her first half marathon at the age of 10!


She took a long break from running to focus on her swimming and school, but she’s back as of 2011 with a series of triathlons and the Disney Half Marathon! She’s done several since and is super excited to be back on the running train!


StephHance flowersofmoss on InstagramIn her latest blog article, Steph relates to us some of her ITBS woes, as she had been struggling through a few races and getting her knee better! “I don’t really understand what caused it – I was trained for Savannah so over-running doesn’t seem likely.”


Through much care, patience and gentler exercise, she’s back on the other side and ready to lace-up! Read about Steph’s Off-Season Woes and look for her at our 2015 Asheville Marathon and Half!

“I ran my first half marathon when I was 10 years old, and I had pretty much decided at this point that I never wanted to run again. I’ve since run many half & full marathons as well as 2 triathlons.”


 Stephanie Hance | Greenville, SC.

Hi Stephanie! Tell us about yourself! “Hey, I’m Stephanie! I haven’t always loved running, but I’ve definitely rediscovered a passion for the sport since moving to Greenville, SC from Indiana. I ran my first half marathon at 10 years old (the Indianapolis Mini Marathon) and decided I never wanted to do that again and joined the swim team. After college, I needed a break from swimming, so I took up running again: from a 5K, to a half marathon, then finally the full 26.2.”

What are some of the races you’ve done since? “I’ve since run many half marathons, 2 Half Ironman triathlons, and 3 full marathons, including the Sphinx Marathon, Nashville Rock and Roll and the Kiawah Marathon.”

What is your ultimate goal? “My ultimate goal is to complete an Ironman triathlon so I’m very excited to start training for Ironman Chattanooga in 2015! I’m looking forward to a few other races between now and then including Rev3 Anderson, Rock and Roll Savannah, and the Asheville Marathon!”

Steph Hance showing off stylish AMA tank at Langly Pond

Steph Hance showing off stylish AMA tank at Langly Pond

What’s your favorite post training food? “My favorite post training food is pancakes. When I trained for my first marathon, I ate them after every Saturday long run – even in the hottest months! For training, I stick with Honey Stinger products (the waffles are delicious) and Hammer gels. And I prep for races with the best food in the world – pizza.”

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