Our only senior Asheville Marathon and Half Ambassador, at 71 years young, we are honored to welcome Richard Rawdon of Georgetown, Kentucky! A major inspiration, runner of 37 marathons, Richard is a great guy and offers a lot of wisdom to new runners. We’re so excited to have him repping us around the United States!

“My favorite part of the Asheville Marathon was on the backside near the vineyards, plus of course running by that small house at the top of the hill near those beautiful gardens.”

Dick-RawdonRichard Rawdon* | Georgetown, KY

What’s your favorite part of the Asheville Marathon and Half? “My favorite part of the Asheville Marathon was on the backside near the vineyards, plus of course running by that small house at the top of the hill near those beautiful gardens. Also the volunteers were really great!”

What other things and races do you do? “Still a lawyer in Georgetown Ky. After the Asheville/Biltmore marathon I ran Boston and Big Sur 6 days apart. Good training last summer. Plan on running Capital City River Run marathon in Lansing MI on Sept 21. I believe this will be my 37th marathon and 34th since Oct 2001. My 71 year old legs feel pretty good. Most of my runs are through horse farms on rural roads.”

Tell us about your diet regimen! “Before marathons and long training runs I eat a soynut butter, honey, chia and protein sandwich. The gurus probably don’t approve but it works for me. My regular diet is primarily beans, quinoa, whole grain pasta, and other health related foods including kale, spinach and carrots.”

 Anything else you’d like to share? “Looking forward to our race this year!”

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