Three cheers for Asheville Marathon Ambassador Julie!

2015AMAjulieBlanda“I am 251 days into a Runstreak! A little over two years ago, I found myself close to 200 pounds. Approaching my mid 30s, I knew that if I didn’t change my lifestyle, not just eating and exercise-but LIFESTYLE- I would be bound to a miserable, overweight life. I joined the gym in Asheville, North Carolina, and to keep me motivated, I signed up for the Triple Crown-a 5K in May, a 5K in July, and an 8K in October, through The Asheville Track Club. I hadn’t ran in years, but I needed something.

“So, I self-started a C25K. I remember the first mile I was able to run. I remember crossing the finish at my first 5K, never having ran that far, and beating my goal time by almost 2 minutes. I had lost weight and felt great!! Then in November 2012, my husband left me. Instead of going back to food, I worked harder. In February 2013, I bit the bullet, and signed up for the Asheville Citizen Times Half Marathon seven months away. It was my new goal. I trained hard all summer.

“I lost 60 pounds, I was feeling great. I had become a Pescetarian. I ran that half marathon with all my heart. Every step after 10 miles was the farthest I had ever ran!!!!  As soon as it was done, I was hooked. Running is my addiction, my drug, my salvation. I need it! What I have found out about myself by running is that I CAN DO IT. I don’t need anyone else. But you know what, I love the running community. Waving at a runner, sharing successes and failures.

Julie Blanda Rockin' her super sweet tee around Asheville

Julie Blanda Rockin’ her super sweet tee around Asheville

“My favorite distances right now are 10Ks and half marathons, but I am currently in training for my first full, the Monumental Marathon in Indianapolis in November. I ran the Chicago Rock n Roll Half on July 20th.

“I was a volunteer at the 2014 Asheville Marathon and really had a great time cheering folks on!

“My favorite post run food is a beer (only Asheville brews, please!) and tomato and spinach pizza!  I haven’t quite worked my way up to distances that require training fuel during a run, but my favorite go to food for fuel is almond butter smeared on a granny smith apple!!”

Photo to the right is Julie wearing her super sweet Asheville Marathon Ambassador tee around Asheville!

Julie Blanda and Isis Night Flight

Julie A. Blanda








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