Craig LancasterWe’re so excited to have Craig Lancaster as a returning Asheville Marathon & Half Ambassador! As a biker and trail or marathon runner, Craig copes with an injured knee but still manages to run the distance! An inspiration to us all, Craig can keep the pace, run up a mountain or bike for miles! Find him at the 2015 Asheville Marathon!

Check out Craig’s Twitter! He’s also a food enthusiast, and loves to Tweet about Asheville life, running and food @clancaster0523.

“My favorite part about the Asheville Marathon was the course; It was tough, but beautiful.”



Tell us a little about your running journey: “After a knee injury where I was told I would never run again, I took up cycling as a way to stay in shape. Several years later I decided to try a 5k on a whim and, after a successful run, slowly built my mileage and have never looked back. Since then, I’ve run over a dozen half marathons and two marathons.”

AMAmbassador Craig Lancaster spotted with VIV Mindy Smith at the 2014 Health and Fitness Race Expo

AMAmbassador Craig Lancaster spotted with VIV Mindy Smith at the 2014 Health and Fitness Race Expo

What was your favorite part of the Asheville Marathon, Craig? “My favorite part about the Asheville Marathon was the course; It was tough, but beautiful. The long range view of the house on the west side of the estate about mile 14 or 15 was incredible!”

What do you love about this area? “As a recent transplant to the mountains of NC after growing up in the Piedmont, I fell in love with trail running and can often be found on the trails in Pisgah National Forest, Dupont State Forest, or the Mountains to Sea trail.”
Any upcoming races? “My upcoming races are (hopefully) the Shut-In trail race, Cherokee Harvest 1/2 Marathon, Great Smoky Mtns 1/2 Marathon, and Tsali Frosty Foot 50k.”
Craig Lancaster in AM shirtHow do you fuel on the trail/pavement? “On every long run I carry my trusty Mountain Hardwear Fluid race vest to carry water, fuel, and occasionally bear bell and first aid kit on solo runs deep in the mountains. My favorite fuel for my runs is GU and Huma gel for road runs and Epic bars for longer trail runs since it provides some protein.”
And your post run treat? “After my hard runs I usually take in chocolate milk or sometimes, if it’s an especially long or epic run, I’ll eat something from the local bakery!”



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