Looking to make the most out of your trip to Asheville? Ambassador Hannah Foust shares with us one of her favorite hikes in the Asheville area…

I wanted to celebrate my birthday this year with my favorite thing: my dog.

So we loaded up the car with snacks (coffee for me, bone for Mabre) and drove the 2 hours via I-40 East from Knoxville to Max Patch. Take exit 7 (Harmon’s Den) and turn left. You will have to drive up a gravel road for about 1.5 miles until you see the parking area. When the road comes to a “T” turn left and keep driving. Max Patch is in the Pisgah National Forest along the Appalachian Trail in NC.

We parked in the small parking area and started up the trail to the summit. The walk up was short. 

Beautiful 360 degree views…

We found the Geodetic Survey Reference mark.

Mabre thoroughly enjoyed her time up on the mountain. 

I highly recommend a stop at Max Patch if you’re in the Asheville….I’m talking to you, Asheville Marathon and Half runner’s 🙂

From Asheville the trip is even shorter. Allow an hour to drive. Just take I-40 West to exit 7 and turn right.

If you want a longer hike you can take the Max Patch trail to Lemon Gap.

Details here: https://ashevilletrails.com/appalachian-trail-north-carolina/lemon-gap-max-patch-mountain/

I hope everyone gets a chance to see the beauty of Max Patch!

Happy trails!

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