RoyalTrifectaLogoWith a trinity of exquisite races at the Estate on our 2014 calendar, we thought we would take your Biltmore experience one step further by offering another test of will! Those of you who managed to finish ALL THREE of our 2014 races at Biltmore, will lay claim to the Royal Trifecta prizes that lie in wait this weekend for those with the grit who will have completed our Challenge.

To complete THE ROYAL TRIFECTA CHALLENGE, runners must successfully have completed these three 2014 Biltmore racesthe Asheville Marathon or Half Marathon, the Asheville Duathlon ‘Du the Asheville Du’ or 10k trail race, and the Biltmore/Kiwanis Classic 15k or 5k race.

Those who successfully accomplish the task will receive their retribution at the close of the Asheville Duathlon and 10k Trail race this weekend at Biltmore Estate. We will present awards at the award ceremony. Finishers will receive a special ‘ROYAL TRIFECTA CHALLENGE AWARD, as well as  other royal prizes!

Congratulations to our SIXTY – 2014 Royal Trifecta Challenge Winners!

2014 Royal Trifecta Challenge group photo 1

1 Tim Bayless 31 Nathan Love
2 Brian Burgess 32 Russell Bowling
3 Brian Craig 33 Rob Colley
4 Brian Tate 34 Laura Ready
5 Suzie Pressley 35 Kim Kitts
6 Suzanne Huck 36 Ryhne Franklin
7 David Huck 37 Rick Hebert
8 Emily Wood 38 Sherrie Pace
9 Amanda Dumont 39 Leigh Conner
10 Jim Cruickshank 40 Jennifer Reno
11 Franklin Farrow 41 Andrea Marshall
12 John Searby 42 Cindy Canova
13 Jospeh Meyer 43 Steve Canova
14 Josh LittleJohn 44 Wayne Boynton
15 John Anthony 45 Timothy Head
16 Julia Sigmund 46 Bob Colley
17 Kate Franklin Caton 47 Sarah Casey
18 Kim Anthony 48 Zondra Robinson
19 Lisa Roberts 49 Jennifer James
20 Sabrina Piercey 50 Amy Silvers
21 Mariah Spengler 51 Kim Jolly
22 Mariko Walker 52 Gina Pendergrass
23 Micahel Choi 53 Kyle Murphy
24 Lee Doster-Ward 54 Jennifer Murphy
25 Melissa Mullaney 55 Leslie Sloan
26 Mike Ward 56 Amy Noll
27 Michael Wagenseil 57 Jamie Meyer
28 Molly Lenhart 58 Suzanne Spaziani
29 Margie Saville 59 Holly Pilewski
30 Mindy Smith 60 Amanda Casillo


Sign-ups for the 2015 Royal Trifecta Challenge will be available  January 2015. Missing from the 2014 list of Royal Trifecta Challenge Winners? Let us know at and we can look into it for you! If you are on this list and unable to complete the duathlon or 10k race this weekend, please let us know.