Interested in being an ambassador for the incredible Asheville Marathon and Half? Scroll down to learn all about the ambassador program and how to apply!

Part of being a race ambassador is not only to represent this fabulous race but to also give us input and spread the word throughout your city, region and state about this one-of-a-kind destination race. In order to work best together we do have some expectations of our race ambassadors to make this experience mutually wonderful for you and for the race. We will ask you to assist us at race expos throughout the region in the fall and winter, be available to assist for a few hours on race weekend at our expo or packet pickup and spread the word about the event through your blog and social networks all year long.  In return you will be part of a network of awesome running fans, get super cool race swag, free entries, comp hotel rooms and more. You get out of this ambassador program, what you put into it, so please be sure you have some time and energy to commit to being an ambassador before you click ‘yes’ below to say that you accept the offer of being a race ambassador!


Ambassador Perks (the list is growing!)

  • A Complimentary Registration for the Full or Half Marathon
  • Official Asheville Marathon Ambassador Race Gear
  • Discounts on VIP Packages
  • Your bio, photo, and social media links on our website
  • Special swag and gifts from our sponsors
  • Feature on the Asheville Marathon blog, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Additional Opportunities during race weekend, based on ambassadorial involvement
  • Complimentary Hotel stays on race weekend
  • A group of amazing AMA runner friends with whom you can connect through social media, meet-up runs, and more!
Asheville Marathon and Half Ambassador Logo

Please note: Ambassadors do NOT receive financial compensation of any kind. This is strictly and purely a volunteer role, not employee, freelance or contractor. We do not subsidize travel or training expenses or issue payment of any kind. Ambassadors serve from July to June, and encouraged to reapply to continue on future years.

Ambassador Roles

  • Blogging, Facebook shares and tweeting regularly about upcoming news from the Asheville Marathon & Half. Each month we will have various ideas for you, but be creative, have fun with this! We also want you to lead and guide new and inexperienced runners through their training process on our behalf, motivate and inspire our runners, and share your story! We encourage frequent communication and love to hear about your running goals and accomplishments.
  • Collateral distribution in your hometown where runners might go (like running stores, local races, etc., pretty much wherever you go)
  • Spreading the word about The Asheville Marathon & Half events and answering questions (local running clubs, social media, blogging, etc. as examples) as well as wearing Asheville Marathon & Half apparel when participating in your running community.
  • Participation in the Race Planning Feedback Forums and Surveys (you are our research team to help us better serve the running community!)
  • Race Weekend support at the race expo and packet pickup. AMA’s must be available for a minimum 4 hour shift at the race expo or packet pickup on either Friday or Saturday to represent the AMA team.
  • Race Expo Outreach: Ambassadors are expected to assist at a Regional Race Expo on behalf of the Asheville Marathon and Half.
  • Additional opportunities for our Ambassadors first: Including pre-race interviews and news stories, merchandise giveaways, Pace Team invitations, sponsor product giveaways and inclusion in special Race weekend events.
  • New AMA Option – Race Weekend Staff: Are you not so socially savvy but you want to be part of the Asheville Marathon Staff? Join us as race weekend staff instead! Email for more info. 

Does being an Asheville Marathon & Half Ambassador sound like something for you?




Join our volunteer team!

It takes hundreds of volunteers to make the Asheville Marathon & Half run smoothly. Seize the opportunities to volunteer at this event to come and check it out or do a little extra if you are racing this weekend. We take good care of our volunteers with food, drinks, and a comfy volunteer t-shirt.