In Chinese custom Chi, or Qi, is the life force, the inner essence of our being, and it guides us based on its changes in its wanes and flows. This universal concept is mirrored in various cultures, including that one culture we are all undeniably so much a part of: the running tribe. Part of this culture, world renowned, and Asheville-native, Chi Running takes this concept of being in touch with the flow and essence of life and applies it to training. Chi Running is all about optimizing the flow of energy in the body, reducing the use of force for moving forward, and thereby the risk of walking or running injury, while maximizing the benefits of mindful movement and healthy living. This allows you to get the most profit in running in terms of health, performance, and enjoyment, all the while staying happy and injury free. Via this approach, Chi Running would like to offer to help YOU get the most out of your life force on race day at the Hunter Subaru – Asheville Marathon at Biltmore this March.

Chi founder and leading light Danny Dreyer and his team want you to know that it isn’t too late to start training with Chi Running’s Training Program for the Marathon. In their training programs, it is very doable for people to come in late and the training group on the current week, so it should be no problem for those of you just now beginning to prep for the race. Chi would further like to discount the cost to $69 per person for the remainder of the 20-week training period. With the purchase of the online training program, you will be able to read and watch all of the information and video clips in the first 7 weeks to get caught up if you so wish.

Chi is literally translated as “breath, steam, or air”. Let Chi Running allow you to better take the breath, the very essence, of your life force, and fill your lungs and sails as you steam from start to finish at Biltmore Estate. Their approach is based upon a natural running form and method, meant to yield better efficiency and protection from injury. For this reason, we implore you to take this discounted offer, in the pursuit of an enjoyable, healthy, successful, and memorable marathon experience.
As the Jedi with the Force, the Yogi with his Prana, or the Monk with his Lung, let Chi help you find your running flow and have the force on your side on race day!

We want to hear about your training with Chi Running for the marathon. Leave us a comment!

Enjoy this video from our ‘Run with the Race Director’ and special guest Danny Dreyer from Chi Running.