With a trinity of exquisite races at the Estate on our 2013 calendar, we thought we would take your Biltmore experience one step further by offering yet another iDaph events test of will! If you can manage to finish ALL THREE of our 2013 races at Biltmore, you will be able to lay claim to the prizes that lie in wait for those with the grit to complete our Challenge.

To complete THE ROYAL TRIFECTA CHALLENGE, runners must successfully complete these three 2013 Biltmore races: the original Asheville Marathon, the Du the Asheville Du, and the Kiwanis Classic 15k/5k race. Signups for the challenge will be held at the Asheville Marathon Information booth at the DoubleTree Hotel Expo on March 2nd.

Those who successfully accomplish the task will receive their retribution at the close of the Kiwanis Classic race. Finishers will receive a special ‘ROYAL TRIFECTA CHALLENGE AWARD, as well as  other royal prizes! If you can “Du the Du”, go the distance in the marathon, and lay down a classic performance at the Kiwanis race, all that separates you from some sweet prizes are the distances that make up our Biltmore races, and the manpower (or womanpower) needed to cover them.

All for fun, and fun for all, this Biltmore experience will surely be the stuff of legend. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The cup is up for grabs. Do you have what it takes to triumph over the ROYAL TRIFECTA CHALLENGE?

To confirm your registration for the challenge, please complete the Royal Trifecta Challenge online form.