It’s hard to believe it, but we have sailed into uncharted waters, and reached a new milestone: 1,000 entrants have already registered for the upcoming inaugural Hunter Subaru Asheville Marathon on the world-famous Biltmore Estate. That means 1,000 other runners have punched their passports to board the ship for what is sure to be an awesome endeavor. With a maximum capacity of only 1,300 total runners, that only leaves 300 spots remaining. Don’t watch from the shoreline as this opportunity sets sail. There will only be one first time for this event, so don’t be left in the wake of others who are choosing to explore these unknown depths.

The trials of miles await you at Biltmore. Batten down the hatches and go full speed ahead to today to register, and take the chance of a lifetime to traverse the troubled waters of the elusive Marathon.