Amy Albers Reppin' in Savannah at the Rock n' Roll 5K

Amy Reppin’ in Savannah at the Rock n’ Roll 5K

Amy Albers, 2015 Asheville Marathon (& Half) Ambassador…


…and mother of three provides insiders perspective into maintaining motivation to run despite the doldrums of daily living during the winter time change in her helpful blog:
Break Your Running Funk: The Power of the Pack


“Mom’s Magical Miles [blog site] is my personal journey through parenting ‘behaviorally spunky’ children, being a front-of-the-middle-of-the-pack runner and a grown-up love of  theme parks and other fun places to take my children.”
Ambassador Amy Albers and kids

Race Ambassador, Amy Albers, with her three sons during better weather.

Albers hasn’t been feeling the gumption to get out and run lately. And with a half marathon imminently coming, she had to face the realities of getting moving. “I’ve got a group of local ladies that have been inviting me to come run with them for quite a while now, but for various reasons I’ve put it off. Oh, okay – one reason. I didn’t want to get up that early.” She writes “With the weekend time change, though, I figured that their later 8:15 start time would feel like an even later 9:15, so, really, there were no excuses. It was 34 degrees, but I’ve got all the gear I need and it was sunny. Again, no excuses. I needed to get in something before Savannah.”

Amy Albers completes 10k

Amy after completing a 10k


While Amy doesn’t usually like to run with the pack, preferring instead to meander and explore routes as she runs, having a group to pace herself with really helped her get back in the spirit and over the cold and dark days. She discovered “the beauty of the group – different paces. I started off with one girl who does slower paced run/walk intervals. I did the first three miles with her. It was a great warm up for me and got me going. My friend Kimberly picked me up for the next 4 miles. My own personal pacer – we ran at a pace that was challenging for me but not killing me. I needed that to kick it into gear and believe that I could step up to that. Kimberly had to get back home but I ran one more mile with the other two ladies in the group who were speedy but doing a ‘cool down’ mile. And, just like that, I completed 8 miles. And I didn’t hate it.”

“I don’t especially love the actual running, but I do love how badass I feel when I’ve completed a run. And I LOVE race day!”


2015AMAamyAlbersBio: “I started running just before turning 40 and made the 2011 Disney Princess Half Marathon my goal. Since then, I’ve run 11 half marathons and countless other 5K and 10K races! I’ll be running the Rock ‘n’ Roll Savannah Half Marathon (November 2014) as well as the Cooper River Bridge Run (March, 2015). My newest challenge is training for my first full marathon which I’ll run at Walt Disney World in January, 2015!”

“My favorite post-training recovery food is a smoothie containing almond milk, spinach, whatever fruit I have on hand and Carnation Instant Breakfast. And maybe a hamburger. For training fuel, I totally depend on GU gels and Cocogo Hydration!”


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