Bio: “I began running regularly after college and spent many years competing in local 5ks and “fun races”.  After a move to Boston I got serious about running long distances. I joined a cult (November Project) which was later featured in a little publication known as Runner’s World. I recently relocated to North Carolina and am busy exploring local cities and towns for great running destinations.  I actually do not have an organized marathon under my belt (but have several 50 mile plus weekends thrown in for good measure), so I am hoping to update all of you with a shiny new PR in the coming months. I hope to use upcoming races to qualify for Boston. PRs are dreadful things to chase, but here they go.”

“When it comes to eating for running, I like to keep it easy. I like coffee, bananas, peanut butter, apple butter, bagels, and eggs before a run. During a run I like to keep it pretty simple, water when I need it and a Gu or two along the way. After a race, or a hard workout, I like to enjoy myself. Usually a nice cold beer (farmhouse ales, stouts, lagers), and some serious food (Burger, Steak, Enormous Pasta dish) help to wash down a hard effort. Immediately after a race I will drink a little water, powerade, or chocolate milk.”

Race Times:

  • 5k- 18:15
  • half marathon- 1:22
  • Half Ironman-  5:25

Adam Amundson“Upcoming this year I am running the MudBug Obstacle Race in Greensboro NC in Sept, the Greensboro Marathon in October, and have several other races that I am trying to decide between. I usually post races on twitter or facebook once I have registered for them.  If you have a great race that I should do, send me a message on facebook or tweet at me and maybe I will see you there! Don’t be afraid to say hello, or to ask me questions if you have them. I don’t know everything, but I know a little about a lot!”

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