For those of you set to take part in the upcoming original Asheville Marathon on Biltmore Estate, we have some more exciting news…!!!!

As part of this inaugural event, we have teamed up with the wine aficionados at Biltmore estate to produce a commemorative wine label made just for this event. This Biltmore-bottled wine will be sold at the Race Expo at DoubleTree Hotel until it has sold out! True to our themes of uniqueness and originality, only 500 bottles (Chardonnay + Cabernet Sauvignon) will be released for the marathon, so you better make it to the race expo early to beat out your fellow wine-seekers!

Asheville Marathon Commemorative Wine

Since 1971, Biltmore vine-keepers and winemakers have produced a dazzling array of world class wine varieties, steadily expanding production via the latest in wine art and science, while maintaining the highest quality of delivered product. In this race, you will become analogous to these wine connoisseurs, creating their distinctive special nectars. Running will be your art, the race course your vineyard and winery, and the fruits of your labor will be the grapes. From them, you will press the essence of the wine: the blood sweat, and tears that went into your efforts. For the bottling and aging, the memories of the race will serve as the vessel, from which the piquant and savory aromas and flavors of the race experience may fill your nostrils and satisfy your palate. Encapsulated within these memories, your ‘spirit’ will grow in value and sophistication as years roll by.

Beyond the timeframes of Gu Brew for in-race hydration, and Sierra Nevada brews for post-race celebrations, this wine will further serve to keep your thirst for Biltmore memories assuaged for as many years as the bottle may sit upon your mantel. This is one piece of race memorabilia that will assuredly go beyond the novelties of schwag of this and other races. If you decide to make the purchase, every time you look at your acquired bottle, you will be reminded of the day you ran among the vines of its contents origins, as you strove towards completing the inaugural Asheville Marathon at Biltmore.

Come race day, the Spirit of the Marathon and the spirits of Biltmore vineyard and winery will come together as one. Just like the limited slots filled up fast for this race, this wine is sure to sell out quickly as well. It is limited edition, so once it is gone, it is gone for good. To take advantage of this great offering, stay at the front of the pack at the race expo… it’ll be a great warm-up for the race!