Is your non-profit organization interested in being a Charity Partner of the Asheville Marathon and Half?

2016 Community Charity Partner2016 Champion Charity PartnerThe Asheville Marathon and Half is seeking partners for the 2017 race. If you are interested in enjoying the amazing benefits of becoming a 2017 Asheville Marathon & Half Charity Partner, please submit your interest as soon as possible. The deadline is June 30th, 2016. Don’t delay!

Charity Partners are required to provide volunteers for the race weekend. To get more information about the specific requirements and benefits, please visit the Charity Partner Information Page.

Become a 2017 Charity Partner!

We’re getting ready for our 2017 Asheville Marathon and Half, and it will be the biggest yet. The Asheville Half Marathon will be on Saturday (March 11th) and the full Asheville Marathon will be on Sunday (the 12th). We’re looking for local non-profits interested in being charity partners to join us in 2017! This leads us to our 5 great reasons to be a Charity Partner for the Asheville Marathon and Half:

2015 Consider Haiti-paul jackson1. Race tickets!!!

We give our Charity Partners 3 ways to directly raise funds at the Asheville Marathon and Half. Depending on the organization’s level of involvement, we give free or discounted race tickets to help fundraise! These tickets sell fast, and people love to support organizations doing great work! We know we do!

2. Donations Taken at Registration

In addition to giving out tickets to raise funds, we take donations during registration. Every runner can donate to one of our Charity Partners through the registration process. This is a great opportunity for the charities because it gives our runners a chance to donate when they might not have considered it otherwise!

2015 Baega Socks-paul jackson3. Proceeds from Balega Socks

Our Champion Charity Partners receive direct proceeds from Balega Sock sales. Socks are sold at the Balega booths at the race and Race Expo. These socks are awesome and a runner can never have enough! If you’re with a non-profit organization, then find out what it takes to become a Champion Charity Partner!

4. Promotion All Year!CAM14654

In addition to these 3 direct benefits, we have two (and many!) more great reasons to be an Asheville Marathon & Half Charity Partner. We promote our charities all year round (starting right at the beginning) through our large fanbase, website, advertising and newsletter subscriber list. Another great way to spread the word about the important work that needs to be done!

2015 Asheville Marathon Water Station Sombreros

5. Water Station Contest!!

Finally, and perhaps the most entertaining way to win funding is through our Water Station Contest! By filling water stations with volunteers handing water to thirsty runners, Champion Charities can have a chance to receive an extra bonus donation from the race. People have a great time, and extra consideration is given to the most outlandishly dressed and excited stations!

Thank you to everyone who has supported our amazing Charity Partners in years past!