Bag Check at the Finisher Bag Tent

Runners will receive a Fleet Feet Asheville, clear plastic ‘Finisher’ bag at the Race Expo INSIDE your lululemon goody bag. Runners MUST use the clear plastic finisher bags provided by us to have their bag included at the Finisher Bag tent. The bag check/finisher bag tent is in the race hub, which is near the finish line beside Antler Hill Village. Runners will need to write their bib number on their bag and then will drop it off prior to the race at the ‘Finisher Bag Tent”. This is a nice perk we are glad to offer runners so that runners can have a change of clothes, warmer attire, their phones and money to purchase race merchandise and additional food items at the post race party area. This is especially handy for runners that have used the shuttle service to come into the race. Note: The finisher bags are not dropped along the race course, they stay at the Finisher Bag tent throughout the duration of the race. 

Clothing Drops

We have designated ‘Clothing Drops’ at each of our water stations. These boxes provided by the UPS Store Asheville will be brought to the ‘Finisher Bag’ Tent in the Vendor Area throughout the race, AFTER ALL RUNNERS have passed by that water station on the course. If you do not pick up your discarded clothing by Sunday at 3pm at the Finisher Bag tent, we will donate them to the Western Carolina Rescue Ministries on Sunday evening. We cannot guarantee that any items discarded along the race course will be returned. We are not responsible for any items you discard during the event. We cannot locate items for you. If you want your item after the race we highly suggest that you keep it with you throughout the duration of the event.


Restrooms are by the Creamery in Antler Hill Village next to our Shuttle Drop off Area. There are also restrooms in the Historic Horse Barn, where the post race massages presented by Yoga and Massage, will also be located! Port-a-jons located around the Start line area and at the Race Hub as well as along the course. We will also have porta-jons close to every water station on the course. Take a look at our course map to see where the restrooms are located. 

Pacer Groups 

We realize that completing a Marathon or Half Marathon is a huge life-event, let alone both in our Backyard to Vineyard Challenge and the Backyard to Backyard Challenge. In anticipation, many allow themselves to get caught up in the moment, firing out at the gun with reckless abandon, only to quickly fizzle out: undermining their training, their strategy, and their big day as a whole.

With that in mind, we want to do all we can to help make those 26 miles and the .2 that follow as positive as possible, as well as the 13 miles and the .1 that follows for the half marathoners.

10 pace group divisions for the Asheville Marathon:

3:30, 3:40, 3:50, 4:00, 4:15, 4:30, 4:45, 5:00, 5:15, and 5:30

5 pace group divisions for the Asheville Half Marathon:

1:45, 2:00, 2:15, 2:30, 2:45